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Sheraton necks though the years


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 I am looking for a used Sheraton and am keen to find one with a fuller neck. I was wondering if there has been  noticeable changes in neck thickness and dimensions across the years from the 1980s to present day , either through accident or design, or factory changes etc .

thanks for your time



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I can tell you there's no real difference between a 92, 06 or a 2012. That's three different Factories too, Sammick, Unsung and Qingdao.

Build wise the 92 wins by a mile, that's not to say the other two aren't brilliant, just that the difference is noticeable.

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14 hours ago, Jakeolly said:

Thanks Matt. I ask because I played one in the 90’s which i remember as full, whereas a more recent one seemed slimmer in depth. I guess my mind was playing tricks 

thanks again 

chris( in Sheffield)

I'm in England too, Wolverhampton. I got both of my older ones off ebay, the 06 for £350 about eleven years ago and the 92 for £300 last year. They are an absolute steal for the price they sell for on ebay, you just need to be patient. At these prices I would say 100% just get an early 90's. You will not regret it and you will get your money back if you seel on. 

The spec on the older ones is better than the newer ones. Not to dismiss what they are producing now, because it appears to be consistently good work. However the older models will have bound f holes and early 90's had fret nibs. Obviously hardware and electronics can be swapped and people do this on epiphones no matter the age, although I've not really had a problem other than desire to make a change.  One thing to watch on earlier examples is the harmonica bridge which has a 72mm post spacing and can be difficult to replace if needed, although my one that is 30 years old is in  perfect condition.

As you can tell the Sheraton is my favourite model!

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There's a 2000 one in Walsall at £345 starting bid with best offer. It's got a couple of fairly bad knocks on the body and I would be surprised if it sells. It will probably be on there for a while. The best thing to do is keep watching ebay, a lot of times they don't sell or they reappear a week or so later. It's a case of right time right place some times.

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