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tune o matic setup default


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I just got a second hand Les Paul "smartwood" and as one that never had a Gibson before I took off all the strings at once in order to replace them and I think totally screwed up the tune-o-matic factory setup.


Is there a default setup to bring the guitar to some sort of a factory default? i.e specific height the saddle and the bridge needs to be at?





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Those "standard setups" are starting point, each guitar requires individual tweaking.


If you have no experience in setting up action and intonation, take it to a luthier and have him do a setup. Shouldn't cost too much, well under $100.


BTW, bad idea to take off all strings at once unless you're doing maintenance - like a neck cleaning or something. (Having said that, some guys love to replace their strings with a total removal. Gibson recommends one at a time.)

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