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No serial number SJ 45 (late 40s?)


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I have what I think is a J 45.  I got the guitar in 1962.  My wife had the instrument fully restored in1992 by a luthier recommended by Gibson.  This luthier was puzzled about the model because he could not find a serial number but measurements and turners, etc.  indicated a sunburst SJ 45.

Recently a certified Martin repair luthier got excited about the guitar and suggested some tune up work which is underway.  He was also puzzled by the lack of a serial number and the inlays on the fret board.  These inlay are diagonal and indicative of later models.

Research online is difficult but one YouTube video showed a SJ 45 with similar inlay but did not clearly indicate a date of manufacture but implied a date before 1950.

I have pictures on my iPad but cannot find a method for attaching it to this message.

Any help in identifying this guitar would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks slimt;  

tried both from library and online picture.  Did not see option to decrease size although I am familiar with the process.  

After much research and consultation with several luthiers I am convinced my J 45 is a 1949 vintage.

Yesterday was the first opportunity to play the guitar after picking it up from luthier (I also have a Martin) and the sound and playability were excellent.

my guitar prodigy grandson will be inheriting the Gibson after my last sunrise.




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