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1964 ES-125 with really low action and flat frets

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Hey all, would it be worth it to try and raise the action a bit and dress the frets up a touch with a Z file? This is a 1964 ES-125 TC, the neck is really sweet and the tuners are in really good shape for its age. Its almost like they got polished a little to far.  I am still trying to get set up on a photo sharing sight to post some pictures. I kind of like the way it plays with it that low. Also is there a general rule for the bridge location front to back? This is my first Gibson, and also my first archtop. Looking to start working on some Jimmy Reed. 

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photos will help- is there a lot of metal left on the frets or are they flat and low to the fingerboard? if the latter, you'll need a refret. otherwise you (or your local luthier) can file the frets to get the curve back- it's not super difficult with the right tools. as for the action you could raise the bridge a bit (purists wont like me saying that) and it could help. not sure what you mean on the bridge location. 

overall i'd say take it to a luthier for a competent setup and a fret dress. then you just have to worry about learning that jimmy reed

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Your bridge location is your scale length. Of 24 3/4”     Usually parallel with the center tips of the f holes    As for flat frets? How many are flat. ?  If there divots are deep. Maybe get a luthier to replace those and set up the guitar.    Doesn’t cost very much. 

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