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J-45 Standard vs. 50's Original - bridge and saddle intonation


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I haven't compared these in person, but the pictures show that the 50's Original has a straight-line saddle that is angled for compensation. And the J-45 Standard has a more modern "staggered" saddle, in addition to being angled.

I've always thought that the staggered saddles are better for intonation, so how much of a difference does it make in practical terms? Does the old style saddle of the 50's model mean it will always have slightly worse intonation? 


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I had a 50's J50 for a while and took it to a local tech to get an intimated bone saddle made.  I prefer the intimated saddle to the plain rounded straight saddle.  Others prefer a straight saddle.  I think that the staggered and intimated saddle absolutely improves intonation.

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The  Standard is a little easier for me to play only because of the neck shape.  It’s a bit thinner than the 50s.  At my age, I favor a little slimmer neck.

 The sound of the 50s is a bit bolder, not quite as warm/smooth, but it’s much newer than the standard and hasn’t opened up as much.  I think the chunkier neck will dictate a bolder sound even when it has seasoned a bit.

I love them both, but if forced to keep only one, it would be the Standard.    I think…..

Not  sure what else to tell you. They’re fine guitars.  

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