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Then again, everyone here already knew that...

Anyway, I wound up here whilst looking for information on guitar setup and maintenance.

I've been playing for about 25 years. For some reason, it seemed like a good idea to play lefty at the time. Music in general is already backwards and upside down and intended for right-handed orientation. As smart as I think I am, to this day, trying to learn new **** makes my brain hurt.

Though about 6 months ago, after what had been years of plateaued off and on, playing a handful of songs about a million times each, I had a breakthrough... kinda...

One night in the middle of June (2022), a brilliant idea struck me - throw on some super slow blues backing tracks and see what happens... at first, it was okay - maybe almost good - better and more fun than playing the same old **** day in and day out... (did I mention I LOVE PLAYING GUITARS!?!)

Then there were a few practice sessions that blew me away. (These days I record all practice sessions with my phone.) There's a place we go sometimes, where there is little to no thought, pure clarity, and feeling - some might call it being in "The Zone"... I don't know what to call it, but for the last 6-7 months, I've been learning, struggling, searching, praying - to figure out how to get to that place at will. It's such an amazing feeling, and when I'm there, I know I'm there... and it's effortless to play and it sounds amazing... (so I've been told)... I know that I am getting better and myself says to myself "just keep playing, just keep playing..." (x1000)

Currently, I have about 25 guitars. We don't need to rattle off the entire list; and trust me, several are cheap-o $100 crap-fests from Amazon. (I got them cheap-os to work on more than anything. You know, why **** up a nice guitar figuring out how to set it up when you can **** up a cheap guitar instead?) Something I've been catching onto lately, which whoever actually reads this will be all duh... or rather, something I've become more acutely aware of is how guitars shift from climate, playing them a lot, etc. And being stuck way up in the mountains, I have decided that learning the intricacies of guitar setup will only help me be a happier lefty. I am convinced that my better sessions were mostly from newly acquired axes; and that from shredding on them, along with the dry weather, over a very short time, they start sounding like ****. 

Anyways, I could go on for days and days.

Let's talk Gibson... Currently, I own two SGs. One is a 2020 Custom Modern w/Blueberry Fade. Bought 'er off Craigslist last Summer - barely, even if played - for a decent price, as in not retail. I FREAKIN LOVE THIS GUITAR!!! People talk a lot of **** about 'em, but compared to all my other guitars, when she's set up properly, sounds far far far better than any other guitar I own. (btw, she's been my first Gibson experience - aka Blueberry popped my Gibson cherry!)

The other SG is a regular old standard from like 2008-2014 (I forget the exact year). I love playing this one, too!! But my buddy set it up for me, and she needs some adjustments in order to sound right again...

So yeah, I've like watched most of the Gibson setup videos; some more than once. Could a swore there was one where Jim DeCola shows how to set up the tail end and bridge and stuff, but I'll be damned if I can find it again! And that's how I wound up here, looking for some info on setup. I got "Blueberry" sounding much better than she had been... the freakin intonation was so off... anyways, I'm like really wanting to learn how to fine-tune her without ****ing her up. I ****ed up my first electric (mexi strat) years back trying to figure all this **** out... not gonna **** up one of the most expensive things I've ever owned...

(What the **** did I just type??)

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hello and welcome

By all means go on for days......we like SGs and we like pics too!  To do pics here; upload them to a free image share site (Imgur, PostImage etc) then copy/paste the link they give into your posts.

That place you describe getting to...that doesn't happen often, but just enough to be the incredible experience that we strive for.  

Your forum name - excellent!

HNY 2023!

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