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Here's a very rough mock-up of the M2M 1954 Les Paul I'm trying to get built. Thoughts?


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I’ve been trying to order an M2M Les Paul since June, I decided this weekend to try to throw something together so I could see if it actually looked as cool as I’ve been picturing in my head!

I started out just going for an R4 but once I asked for the 5-piece neck I realized it would look way better with back binding so now I’m going for a Custom. Fingers crossed they can make me an alnico staple pickup with cream (or white) plastics!! Only ever seen pics of black ones out of the factory

When I was asking about the standard they said flat out “no” to an ebony board with the split parallelogram inlays. But I’m hoping that now it’s a custom they’ll do it!

There’s a lot of mismatched stuff in the mock up because I had to Frankenstein it using bits and pieces of other guitars I found on google images haha. But it’s nice to get a rough idea of what it might actually look like!

The pictures I have are too big to be uploaded to the forum, so here's an imgur link!


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Looks pretty nice, but I'm not sure they will combine all those specifics.  I don't recall ever seeing white plastics on anything, only the creme color.  Let us know if they approve it, then you'll only have about a year to wait for it to be built from what I've heard.  Good luck.

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I dont think theres anything too outrageous going on there.. Really hope you get what you want. It will certainly be unique [thumbup]

And yeah. If they make it, please do come back and post some pictures for us...


Good luck.

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