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You can hear my Les Paul Std on these live recordings!


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Hello folks.


Got some nice live recordings here of our band "Modern Day Chicane"...


Aim for the ones marked "Live".


On the left you can hear my Gibson USA '07 LP Standard through a Marshall 1923 Ltd Ed Combo. On the right you can hear my friend's Gibson USA SG through a nice old VOX.


I'm singing too.


Long live Rock n' Roll......!


Live songs here: www.myspace.com/moderndaychicane

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+1 on the vocalist... band sounds great and I like your material. good job on the recordings - especially the live ones - your sound guy must be good. =D>


Actually' date=' I [b']am[/b] the sound guy, really. :-$


The studio owner mic'd up our amps and drums, and DI'd the bass.


It's just a recording of a rehearsal really. I mixed it later.


Check out the solo on "The Tracks of My Enemy" - that's my mate Chris, it really fits.

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