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By the logo on this headstock, what year range could this Les Paul be from?


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No serial number. This is an old photo of the guitar from 40 years ago.  I was talking to the owner and he said it was a 59 Les Paul.  Does that logo look like it could be on a 59? Or do you think it is a later guitar from the 70's or something? 

It just seemed kind of funny that he said it was a 59, which makes it the most valuable and coveted year for Les Paul guitars.

I was wondering if the logo would disprove that.

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It’s not a valuable 59 burst as I can see that it has a square fret marker on first fret,

that would put it as a Les Paul Custom , probably black, possibly 3 pickups if it’s a 57, if from 70’s possibly 2 pickups 

If it has a “hump” back of headstock (aka volute) would be from 70’s

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That logo is totally 100% 50s (1953-60ish)

Can't give exact year w/o serial #

Regardless, yes this could be a 1959 Les Paul Custom.

Although the custom is a higher spec-d model, they typically sell for less than the 58-60 les paul standards

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His is an original black 3 pickup Les Paul custom. He has had it since the late 70's or early 80s.  I just assumed he bought it new as a '79, but he said it was a '59.

So the logos on the 79's are a little different from the 59's?  Or are they exactly the same?
By '78, Gibson went back to the dotted i in the logo.  The 59's and '79's look the same to me, but I am assuming there could be some slight differences, since so much time had passed.

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