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ESDV-335 model no.


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Hi, I'm looking for some extra info on my newly acquired 335.

It has the model ESDV-335 written on the label inside. Does anyone know what that means? 

The guitar did not come with a Coa or checklist. It's a 2008 model, dot inlays in what i believe is called vintage ebony. It has a chunky neck, but not sure of it is rounded 50's, or a 59 profile 

Any help is appreciated.


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1 hour ago, jdgm said:

ES = Electric Spanish

D usually means Dot (fretboard markers)

V is probably Vintage

I thought that much. I just cannot find a similar model notation on the internet.

So I wonder if it is a different model than a standard ES-335 Dot from 2008.

I'll try to post a picture of the label/stickers. The handwriting is a bit dodgy, it might even say ESDY, but I can't relate that to anything.



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I was hinted by someone, that it is more obvious that the label says ESDY-335. This should stand for it being an export model for Yamano Japan. I heard of these, and as I understand, these guitars are often -if not always- higher grade guitars. 

Can anyone verify this possibility?


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I'm no expert but it does look more like a deliberate Y and that explanation does make sense. 

Also - Gibson went through a period of not issuing COAs with many guitars including CS ones. 


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