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Hello to everyone!

I am new member in Gibson brand forum.

I have a Black  beauty Gibson Les Paul Custom with painted 740765 serial number.

Neck is without volute but it has pancake body.

Guitar is incredible easy to play and sounds killer in every amp setting, clean or high gain. It seems to play itself...

Any idea what is the production year?

Thank you for any support!


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If you think the guitar was made before '77, most of the dating sites won't bring up a match, due to before that year there is no info on the net. You will find Gibson likes to mess with their serial number system and have 75 different variations on how they do it and its always changing.

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Here is a question, does Gibson have any way of knowing if they ever used the same SN twice? 

Here is the thing Martin did it right. Consecutive number never run out, so that was a good move. Gibson at times had 3 different plants operating, now two, so consecutive I guess would not work.

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