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New Plain Top Les Paul with Faulty Bridge Pickup


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Just got a brand new sparkling burgundy top Standard. Everything looks great and feels great, but the bridge pickup is dead. I’ve tested everything and it’s definitely the pickup. Luckily, I have a spare pickup to install, so that’s what I’m gonna do, since I love the guitar otherwise…..and don’t want to go to the trouble of a return process. Very disappointed to say the least. The whole reason I got this guitar is because my 2020 Standard won’t stay in tune. I’ve taken it to several repair shops and dumped money into a bone nut and locking tuners, etc……still have strings that go sharp when attacked. No, the old but, nor the new nut is not binding, and the bridge was replaced and the saddles on old and new bridge have been smoothed and de-burred, and the break angles have been in every possible configuration. It’s a constant wrestling match to keep it in tune during gigs. I’ve been a Gibson Les Paul fan for 30 plus years, but I’m at my breaking point. I’ve bought and sold too many of these expensive guitars and have yet to find a true keeper. What the heck is going on? Sorry……needed to vent.

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4 hours ago, Eracer_Team said:

If it’s new contact the seller to get the pickup replaced 

as for guitars going sharp 

you’re pressing to hard on the string , a Les Paul is not a Strat. They are more touch sensitive.

mashing the string to the fretboard will pull it sharp 

This is not my first Les Paul, and I play like I’ve played for 30 years. I said “attack”…..not destroy. lol. A and D strings mainly, but the low E string was also doing it before the new nut was installed. This is the only LP out of  7 that I’ve owned that has ever had this issue. And I know how a string reacts when pressed too hard on a LP. This isn’t that. This is an open string vibration problem. No problems with fretted notes.

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