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Gibson Custom Les Paul - Real or Fake ?

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I purchased a Black 2001 Les Paul Custom from a Website (won't mention name,but rhymes with MeBerb).

This  Guitar came with a Custom Shop Art and Historic Certificate of Authentication.(I know,anyone can make a piece of paper look legit)

It also has the Custom Art Historic case .

I have tried the Serial Number dater pages and search engines online with No Help.

All I am trying to do now is find out if it is the Real Deal....Any help would be appreciated

I know other forums say to upload as many photos as possible ,but the page will not allow anymore,sorry.....


qylkhtipbhkyg1xjh48x (1).webp

Screenshot 2024-01-02 185911.jpg

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photos not correct size??
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Looking at the pics so far I would say it is real.  Very unlikely for a counterfeit/fake to have a COA like that.

Posting pics; the only way on this site is to join a free image-hosting service (Imgur. Flickr. etc - I use PostImage which is good) - you upload your photo(s) then copy the 'direct link' code provided and paste it into your post on here.

Good luck and HNY 2024!

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Hello T Snipes,

Can't see any pics of the guitar but I see a couple of red flags. First of all, LP Customs were Gibson USA in 2001, not Custom Shop unless it was s special model or custom order. I've had quite a few Custom Shop Gibsons with that type of COA. All of mine had a serial number starting with CS. The S/N on your COA is nonsensical for a 2001 LP Custom. Does the guitar have "Made in USA" stamped on the back of the headstock? A 2001 Gibson USA LP Custom S/N should start with a zero and the 5th digit should be a 1. It would have originally come with a brown case with pink interior. I had 2 Custom Shop LPs from that era; a 2000 and a 2003. Both came with the Custom Art and Historic case but both had serial numbers starting with CS. I had about 6 guitars with the same style COA. All of them had the model# handwritten and the serial number stamped, whereas yours has both stamped. I'm not claiming to be an expert but to me it looks like something is off with the serial number and/or case.

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