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19 frets and silk logo Southern jumbo natural?

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No ink stamps inside?  Back of headstock? And it would of been called a Country western  SJ or southern jumbo would of been sunburst.   

if Im not mistakin.   Square shoulder CWs started in about 1963.  

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Per Vintage Guitars Info - Gibson flattop vintage guitar collecting (guitarhq.com) it looks to be a 1954 SJN. First year for natural, last year before pearl inlay and most acoustics went to 20 frets in '55,

Definitely not original tuners.


1948 Southern Jumbo specs:
new style "Gibson" gold block logo.
1949 Southern Jumbo specs:
"top belly" bridge (belly towards soundhole, as used on most other flat tops models of this period). This style of belly bridge is better, as the belly does not interfere with the vibration of the top between the bridge and the endpin.


1954 Southern Jumbo Natural (SJN) specs:
natural finish offered and called the "SJN" ("N" for natural top).
1955 SJN/Country Western specs:
SJN natural finish now called the "Country Western." Pearl "Gibson" peghead logo replaces gold silkscreen, and pearl crown peghead design added to this model (both SJN and Country Western seen with pearl peghead attributes in 1955.)


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I spoke with the folks from folkwaymusic and the consensus is Gibson factory did some strange things in the late 60s. My uncle was set on this purchase in the early 70s and turned down every other guitar in the store. He claimed it was an original C&W tobacco with natural top. I was offered any guitar I wanted for this SJN from my local big music shop, so any info on these rare/one-of mishmash Gibsons would be great!

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