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The Future of Pedals?


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So we are now at a point with digital stuff (I think) where it actually sounds pretty good...  As I have said a few times recently that Spark Go is pretty impressive.. Not the speaker, but the software is truly something else.

Then I just saw this vid about a new idea for open source DIY pedals. Well we have certainly come a long way since those Zoom multi effects pedals from the 90s  😄 




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The next level. 

Its no secret that I've been digital for many years now. Even the signal processors I've used look like giving way to micro units and pedals. 

My 1st SP was a Boss GT5 (1995). A friend got one to review and was seriously impressed. A couple of weeks later we were recording in a pro studio and they had one. I used it, and within a week I went and bought one. While it can still be used effectively (if you have the patience to program it), its no match for tech of the last few years. 

If I was still gigging I would likely consider retiring my amps and just use a small SP direct into the PA. The same unit would be just as suitable for home practice.

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