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Is this genuine Gibson?

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The drummer in my band brought this rehearsal. Bought it from Guitar Center in 2013. It does not seem right. Jinko tuners? No fret nibs. Super 400 inlays. Bridge looks strange. Here are some pics. 





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Lots of red flags in your pics. Shape of headstock looks off. It is rounded in the top center whereas a Gibson is more pointed. Tuning pegs are misaligned as well as incorrect. A fancy LP with Custom diamond headstock inlay would have a bound headstock as well. As you mentioned no nibs and wrong inlays. An LP Custom style guitar would also have an ebony fretboard. This one looks like rosewood. Bridge is wrong. Serial number looks like one used on many counterfeits. They tend to use the same serial number over and over. If real the guitar would date to 2000. Remove truss rod cover if you can. A Gibson would have a nut over the truss rod screw. An allen head instead of a nut would conclusively prove it's a fake.

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Can I post my question here? (as it is in fact the same question as your topic..)


I've traded a strat & amp for my (first) Gibson Les Paul Junior.

now I'm starting to fear I've got me a good chinese copy in fact...

different people doubt if this is a genuine Jr. the guy I've traded with has traded this one himself, and tells me it dates back to 2001.

The serial starts with 'CS'.102211

My doubts are: is it genuine (of course)? or is it a guitar which has been modified trough the years (pickguard, p90 is replacement one, knobs..)

some pics here;


tnx in advance for any information

PS: I've already sent this info to Gibson support, not yet received a reply


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