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This is copied from MyLesPaul Forum

Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2011 SPECS? | My Les Paul Forum

In 2011 there were few models of Traditional, but I guess you're asking about Standard Traditional 2008-2012.

- what exact colors where available by 2011 and how where they called?
2008-2012 finishes:
LPTDEBCH1 ( Ebony )
LPTDGTCH1 ( Goldtop )
LPTD+HSCH1 ( Heritage Cherry Sunburst )
LPTD+DBCH1 ( Desert Burst )
LPTD+ITCH1 ( Iced Tea )
LPTD+LBCH1 ( Light Burst )
LPTD+WRCH1 ( Wine Red )
LPTD+HBCH1 ( Honey Burst )
LPTD+CBCH1 ( Chicago Blue )

- what pickups would be stock in this guitar?
'57 Classic + in bridge position
57 Classic in neck position

- what would the fretboard material be made of? East Indian Rosewood? Backed Maple? Granadillo? BRW.... ;)
1 piece rosewood for 2008-2011
2 pieces rosewood for 2012

- is the electronics on a circurit board or old school pots?

Electronics is on the metal plate with standard pots, not PCB.

- neck profile?

- was there a Gibson case included?
Yes - black with white interior.


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It’s exactly what you typed. Once again I have stated this numerous times, all your serial number is, is a number to identify it. It does not tell you anything by looking at it except what date it was stamped. STAMPED only. It does not indicate the ship date, what date it was finished, what date the inspection was done on it.  It’s the date it was stamped. It’s still had a ways to go before it was out the door to you.

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