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150th Kentucky Derby. Who ya' got?

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Caught the race just as it started. Not a big horseracing guy or betting man, but holy cow, what a close finish! A friend told me that the winning horse had 16 to 1 odds, (not sure if he was right).

Met a kid while at Barrington High School, (Illinois) decades ago. It is a pastoral area with 5 acre minimum properties and tons of horse farms. ( a very wealthy town).  He told me that his Dad was a mechanic. Because of the affluent nature of the community, I was about to question his assertion when he quickly added the funny, but true line, "He fixes horse races.".

He educated me about the relationship between long odds horses and their profitability for betting men who hypothetically may know when they may win. 16 to 1, up to 40 to 1 horses, are "earners".  Odds less than that aren't worth betting on, and horses over 40 to 1 draw to much attention when they win. (Nudge nudge, wink wink)

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16 hours ago, Californiaman said:

So who ya' putting your money on for the big race?

Here's the horses and odds.

Kentucky Derby Horses

I've got West Saratoga, to win.

To place I've got Resilience.

For Show, Fierceness




And Nope

I was pulling for all the ladies in hats, sauced up on Mint Julips.

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