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Are you a pickup changer?


Would you automatically change out the BBuckers in your Historic for boutique pups? If so, which make/model and why?


Would you change them because you would prefer non wax potted pups (more historically accurate), given that the BBuckers #1 and #2 in Historics are potted? What is the most historically accurate PAF you can buy iyho?


Would you change them because you consider the sound of the originals to be 'inferior'?


Is it something that you just do regardless?


Are you worried about the value of your instrument if it is non-original?


I've seen the lengths R9 owners go to to simulate owning a real '59 Burst and it never ceases to amaze me! For some, the pickups are just one of many details to be given a 'makeover'. Where do you stand?




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not r9 related but...


i recently purchased a 1969/1970 SG Standard. it came with BurstBucker 2 and 3 in it, but the original T-tops were included. I put the T-tops back in, and i am here to tell you that in my case there is a negligible difference in tone betweeen the BBs and the T-tops.


it's a great guitar O:)

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For me it's all how the guitar sounds as it came from the factory.

I'll have my Tech balance the Burst Buckers then if the guitar is too bright or dark or whatever, I'll change the pots/caps and pickups.

Out of 7 Les Pauls I have:


Lollar Imperials

Wolfetone Dr V's

Which leaves 4 LP's unmolested.

However, I have put better pots/caps in 5 out of the 7 guitars.

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