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Trapezoid or Blocks, +500T p'up.... is there such an animal?

Bender 4 Life

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I put a 496r and a 500t in my SG Special. It screams now. -Definitely an awesome pickup.


I also love the 496r in my V........I've played a lot of guitars in my 34 yrs as a player, and the V has the most impressive set i've ever used. Crazy as it may sound I use the V almost exclusively when I record "New" Blues and some country, because when it's BARELY overdriven, nothing sounds sweeter.


well, dadgummit ! With the recent price drop on the SG Std. I definitely see an Ebony Std. w/the 496r/500t

set in my near future.


Thanks !

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Sweet. You'll dig it. Plus Gibson makes them in a Zebra too. That's what I got. In my opinion, it made my boring SG Special Faded look better too...


Let us know how you like it after you get it...

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