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Another Gibson V project finished


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Started out as a cherry faded V. The jury is still out on the pickups, they are very nice as far as tone goes, but a little smoother than I've come to like lately. We'll see.


Refinished natural with tung oil

Shot a coat of clear over the peg face

Black pickguard

Duncan custom shop 78 (EVH) bridge pup

Duncan Seth Lover neck pup with push/pull coil slpit

CTS pots

Hovland Musicap

Sperzel tuners

Gold tophat knobs



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Very nice! I have a 3 pick up faded V. I am looking for a Gibson 2 pick up pick guard. Can I get one direct (Gibson)? I replaced the chicken head knob for a toggle switch, replaced the bridge pick up with a SD JB, took out the middle pu and left the neck stock pick up in.



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Good jobs on the V's, remodelling is the way to go. There's so many off the peg Gibsons out there now just now it's nice to see something different with the Gibson logo on it.


I've just finished restoring an '84 JayDee (John Diggens, the bloke that made Tony Iommi's SG) '58 V copy.




I stripped and bleached an ebony finished '76 Explorer Reissue from '92 and turned it into a '58 a few years back. I'll dig it out and get some pictures up. It kinda worked...

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