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Gibson Reissues the L-20!!!???


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I had PB D'Addario's 12's for a while, then Martin SP's.......then settled on Elixir's Nano's 12's, just cause I'm lazy about changing strings.....and I DON'T like them for the first couple of weeks.....then they settle in, and last a LONG time......I've heard some people have had some trouble with the "G" String breaking......happened to me once.....

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Glad to have helped onewilyfool! Nice choice!!


What do you find to be the best string choice for yours? I'm always switching around.



Both onewilyfool and quainttwang.. I would be glad to do exhaustive testing and arduous empirical evaluation to find you both the perfect strings for your L-20s ... Just both of you PM me and I will send you my shipping address. Once I receive your guitars I will buy and try every brand of string that might be worth considering. I will try them on the two L-20s until I find a set of strings that sounds wonderful on both of them. This would resolve any issues with the strings sounding good on one and not the other.


Because I am such a great guy I won't even charge you for the years and years of devoted and concerted labor on my part.


:- :-

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