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Melody Maker overpriced!


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That's still $140 more than it was a few months ago. And $490 is not a deal anymore.

It's been $490 for quite a while' date=' actually. I bought mine in February (for $330 locally), and Guitar Center had it at $490 then.


It was introduced at $350 or $400, for single- or dual-pickups. Eventually the dual-pickup model was discontinued at the single-pickup model moved to $384 (if I'm remembering correctly). About a year ago it went to $490.


Gibson raised prices on almost all low-cost models. Some of them (like the SG Special Faded) were lowered again. Every single Epiphone model saw a price increase, and price-wise, the Melody Maker falls into that category.



[EDIT'] I noticed today that Music123 is selling one finish option - sunburst, I believe - for $399.

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