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Small SG?


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My 5yo son has just discovered the dvd "School of Rock" and like many children his age, watches it over and over again.


His favourite guitar is now firmly a Gibson SG ("mint condish")


He will be asking Father Xmas (Santa Claus) to get one for him but needs a 3/4 or even smaller size. His older brother has a full size Squire Tele (great guitar BTW) but it's too big for him even though his current repetoire only extends to the opening riff of Smoke On The Water - obviously.


So, has anyone ever seen a smaller version/copy? It seems it's a strat copy or nothing in the UK.

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Hey, the kid's 5. That should suit him nicely... for now. Just be prepared because when he's 15, he'll wand a real Gibson. Buy one now and keep it in the closet. You'll save a few bucks in the long run.


By then there'll probably be a Jonas Brothers signature distressed model for 25K. =D>

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Hello' date='


I just spotted this on the everythingsg site.




Thanks Fellas. How cool is that SG. I want one myself. Just got to find one in the UK now.


If he's still playing at 15 he can use my Gibsons..................maybe!


Thanks for the info.

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