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Another drug deal gone bad


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Some kid in a souped up black Chevy pickup made a left turn into the dope dealing no-nothing kid's deiveway up the road, right in front of a young lady coming from the other direction. She broadsided him, flipping him onto his side in the ditch. When I got there he was rooting around in the truck, looking for his cell phone. He was weeping openly about his truck. The girl, for reasons unknown, took off with someone in a car but returned once the cops/ambulance got there. She was basically okay but hurt her wrist. The young man did find his cell phone, since he was standing there talking to the cop and it rang; it was on the lawn amongst much broken glass and Detroit parts. Guess who was calling him? Yep, the dope dealing kid.


Four months, he said, four months and it would have been paid for.


Oh well, tough _____. Shouldn't have been in so much of a hurry to score.


The young lady has had her license four months and as I understand it, her probationary period may be revoked or extended because of some weed freak.


Not fair.





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What can a person do when your neighbors are dealin' dope out of the house?


Years ago, I lived next door to a dealer. My kids' window as less than 10 feet from his house. They never paid a rent bill, nor a utility bill that I could determine. The landlord couldnt' evict, nor could the utilities be cut off, after October anyways, because of the kids in the house.


I witnessed a booming business while I was puting trainnig wheels on my son's bike one Saturday afternoon... You should have seen the cars that pulled up to the curb, one college student bails out, runs up to the house. 20 seconds later, he's back to the car with a full hoodie pocket. Must have been 16 cars an hour. Miffed at that my no-good neighbors were doing what I thought obvious, I called the police. They said they were aware of the situation, but they couldn't do much unless they or someone witnessed the transaction.


What can one do? Go score a pound then walk it to the police station and say, "Looky what I bought."?

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Law enforcement is always willing to cooperate when there is a dealer in your neighborhood.

We had a meth dealer with prior convictions across the street from us several years ago.

I sat their in my home office looking out the window looking at people drive up and drive away all day long.

The Sgt. of the drug enforcement division asked me to start forwarding him the license plates of everyone associated with the house.

Two months later they battered down the door and arrested everyone in the house. Convicted ex-felon, dealing meth-amphetamine with a loaded gun and lots of money.

They won't be getting out of jail anytime soon.

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