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Hi, I have a Custom Shop LP Custom I am looking for information on. Like what year it was made, how many of this specific configuration were made, and any other tidbits of data. It's a triple pick up, all mahogany, as in there is no other wood visible except the fret board. The finish has the aged yellow lacquer look. All gold hardware and Grover machines. It has the big baseball neck. I bought it over the internet years ago and got zero information. I think someone (you know "they") told me that it was a reproduction of a 56. So many people ask, I try to delay responding so they pick their own answer and I just agree with them. I'd love to have the real info. Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to read this, and a special thanks to those with answers. This is my first time on, I have a couple more Gibson's and a Steinberger guitar I'd like to ask about also. Regards.

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Yeah, like Guitarest sez....


Call Gibson Customer Service at 800-444-2766.

They're open 24/7.


They could give you the dirt if they still have a record of it.

Tell you more than you could ask, and don't be afraid to ask!


Anything here would be guesswork, especially since you violated the Cardinal Rule;

Telling us about a killer guitar without providing pics.


Don't let it happen again.




Seriously, welcome to the forum and God bless Texas!

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I use a Flick'r account with Yahoo, lotsa people use Photobucket.


Once the pic is on there, right click on it so you see a tab for 'properties'


Then highlight and copy the address/URL where it reads http://blahblahblah....


Paste it in your post on here.


Then on either end of it add this to it -> [ img ] [ /img ]



You should have something like [ img ] http://blahblahblah.... dot com[ /img ] without the spaces.


It should pop up as a real live pic.

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Eh, I dunno...


From the postage stamp, it looks to be the red/brown stain over Mahogany - front and back, right?


I've always liked them!


What about the serial number, do you know the year it was built?

If not, send it to me in a PM (don't post it on the open board) and we'll go from there.

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That's NICE!


Didja solve the serial number mystery yet?


Yeah, the message you sent had a Facebook link and I couldn't get in to see 'em.


I've always wanted one of those, priced one from Gibson earlier this year.





I even considered having a Bigsby installed at the factory, but the $$$$$ changed my mind.

Got my eye on a Black Beauty as we speak....

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I also have a Black Beauty. LPC. It has a flat neck. Wide flat frets. I think its from the mid 70s. I also think its all stock. Tuning pegs with the flip outs. When I call Gibson I'm going to ask about that too. Its not nice and clean like the rest of my gits. Looks like buckle indents and pings and dings, couple of spots where the paint is gone on the back of the bneck. But it sure plays nice.


Dont tell me your looking for a 175?

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