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im digging it

mr newhaven

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i agree with you there ledzep...its not a real tele!


shyboy guitars are respectable...very cool...etc...but thats a whole lotta guitar you could buy for the same cash...i just think that the set looks sick together is all!


just wanted to share!


that strap though is waay cool!

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Well... maybe okay for city folk somewhere but where I live and wear boots as opposed to shoes (moccies in the house, boots outside), folks might not say much, but they'd be chuckling inside just as if the things were snakeskin.


If they don't handle green mud pretty well, I know I ain't interested.


As for me wearing mine in the city, I've gotten a look or two, but nobody seemed too bothered by my Tony's or Niconas whether a buckaroo sorta heel or ropers.



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