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EDS-1275 neck profile and heel joint


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I seem to remember reading some dimensions somewhere.

The neck profile may not be exactly the same, but I would say 60 Slim Taper would be as close as anybody could tell.


I have the Slim Taper on several different Gibsons, my favorite by far.


The neck joint on the EDS 1275 is at fret 15, the heel is longer and curved very gradually.

The neck joint on the SG Classic is at fret 19, heel is not that noticeable because the neck is the fatter Standard.

The neck joint on the SG 61 RI is at fret 22, heel is very compact. You can hit ALL the frets.


On the 1275, upper fret access sucks, the heel curve is longer and gets in the way.

There are only 20 frets too.


Trust me, you won't spend much time past the twelfth fret on a 1275.

Still, a guitar you would love to own so you could hate it.


My dealer was right.

He told me I would be no different than anybody else who always wanted one.

When you finally buy it, it will rarely get played unless you gig with it.


I recommend buying a used one if you can find a good deal.

I looked for two years, and they were all the same price as a new one.

They are actually pretty cheap if you consider all that you are getting from the Custom Shop.

Any Les Paul from the CS will cost more than a 1275.


Mine was under $3k.

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bad fret axcess




was it worth 2400 in mint condition with case and candy on EBAY









and i play it about 25 percent of the time, compared to my les paul 70 percent and a strat or tele 5 percent of the time

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