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Hi folks! Gotta little dilema here. I have a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top fall in my lap here. They said it's a 1957 Reissue, but the numbers I find seem to say something different. The serial number is 02004435. The Gibson custom shop serial numbers seem to have a 7 23635 type format. I don't have any pictures to show, because I didn't have a camera with me. Any help would be great. I'll get any info I camn to help out. Thanks.

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Nearest I can find that this guitar resembles is the 1957 reissue by the Gibson Custom shop that's posted on the website at Gibson and another website that says they have the sweetest water around(I don't know if I can mention websites here). Everything looks identicle to me except for maybe the heal doesn't look the same. On the pictures of the GCS 1957 Reissue seems to stick out further (just a bit more round). There is no model name on the truss rod cover. He called me back and said that his guitar guy said is was a 1957 reissue, but not a "Custom shop", but rather a production line reissue. Good Lord...sorry for the rambling, but thanks for all your time. Does the serial number question have any merit?

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The serial number is 02004435.

That's a serial number for a 2004 Les Paul, built in mid-July.


Probably a Goldtop Standard.


Like Are Nine sez, call Gibson at 800-444-2766.

Customer Service is there 24/7.

Find out the original list price, pickups, neck profile, anything else they can tell you.



Wild *** guess on the value?

$1,000 would be a smokin' deal on a nice Standard, $1,500 would be okay if you like it alot.


Check Ebay for similar guitars, track the listing until it ends to see what they're going for.

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