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1976 Gibson Artisan


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i have a chance to buy a 76 les paul artisan walnut with 3 humbuckers. its good overall with wear but no cracks or anything. new frets and almost all orig. just wondering how rare and what the value of these guitar are/ also how are they for playing i know they are fairly heavy guitars. is it worth my while to pay $1200 - $1400 (Canadian dollars) for a guitar like this?

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It certainly souds a very good deal to me!


Basically it is a special limited edition of the LP Custom.


I can't fill in much in the way of detail regarding numbers and weights etc., (although regular Customs from this period do tend to be weighty beasts) but the following is what they had to say about it in "The Gibson Guitar vol II" (1979);


"The Les Paul Artisan. This is an all new Les Paul model and is to be introduced as a limited edition in late 1977...It is equipped with 22 frets, a 24 3/4" scale and ebony fingerboard with a very appealing, depending on your taste, 'hearts and flowers' inlay. The centre pickup is a 'Super humbucker' and the other two are of the "Series 7" variety."


Keep us informed, please!

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