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Tips hunting usedn a ES ?


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I'm planning to visit the World Guitar Show this weekend, and they usually have a nice collection of vintage Gibson's. Ive not been very successful finding a new ES in guitar stores, and want to check out some older versions, particularly ES 355, though I'm not fixed on that model. Something where I can play blues, late 60's early 70's rock, and record at home (its too noisy here to mic my acoustic).


So, what do I need to look out for regarding used, old ES? Some guitars have problems with pickups after 10-15 years and maybe there are problems particular to ES?


Thanks for any help,



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I have found guitar shows useless for actually purchasing a guitar.

Those guys think the market is still high and in reality it is not.


I have found that if you can find a local store, they may have

a good idea on what might be on the market locally.


Most stores will negotiate a price on a item like a 335

I bought a new cherry figured 335 for $2500 with a full

warranty and unlimited set ups.


At a show you never really know what your buying, so unless

your an expert in vintage gear I would stick with a store.


Good Luck, Hey is that a SF show?

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I've found guitar show prices to be massively inflated. A lot of sellers will haggle, but there's that whole air of "this is soooo precious!" that I get turned off. I bought my mint blonde '00 ES-335 off craigslist for $1750, with case. It's now my main electric.

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Well, your advice was right on - the prices seemed quite inflated - it was more like a antique car show, with people showing off 1960's models at ridiculous prices -


one thing that came up - on another topic - was that I got to play with a wide variety of gibsons and also gretchs and noticed that the gibson frets didn't hurt my fingers when I would run up the neck, but because they were so slanted at the ends the strings easily would come off - particularly with barred chords. On the other hand, the high gretch frets, while they hurt my hand - they are kind of sharp - I have more control and no slippage. I think I need to try out some new versions of es to see if this holds for generations of gibsons.


They had some 345's too - they seem the same except for the stereo control - is that still true?






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rcwilk, you make a great point, never will you be able to play so many great guitars,

and there really isn't pressure to buy anything, its like they almost expect you

not to buy anything.

I did buy a $500 PRS Whale Blue SE model few years back and every year the guy

still recognizes me and asks me if that still isn't the best $500 guitar on the market.

We laugh about it, he is from Bluemoon Music out of Arkansas.


Sorry don't know about the 345's

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