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What's the deal with this?


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I found it on CL' date=' I know it's legit, but does anyone know about the model? [/quote']


It's a Nick Lucas.


Is it really worth 10K?


That's up to the market. Seems high to me.


-- Bob R

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I have seen two of the guitars pictured in the ad. This could be one of the guitars. Acousticmusic.org had one for sale recently. I just checked their website and it is gone. They do not post the prices. I also saw one of these guitars on ebay. As I recall they were from a series called Archetype. I don't remember where I learned this. I think they were made for NAMM show presentation. I also recall there were some other models in this series but don't recall. Gibson continues to build these limited guitars with no fanfare. I doubt any one will pay $10K in this market. Looks like a great guitar, one I would like to play.



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