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Serial Number Search - sorry sure you've had all this before


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Looking to purchase a Thunderbird and would like to validate the serial number


Can anyone help the number is 017180379


btw newbie to the forum




Welcome to the forum. You may want to try here ==> Serial


You can also email Gibson with photos & serial for confirmation.

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Cheers' date=' to be honest tried there but still couldn't work it out.


thanks anyway!!!![/quote']


First and fifth digit is the year as Rich stated yours is a 08. If you email Gibson with photos they will get back to you with the info you need. May take a few days but they will get back to you.

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Jeez surrounded by musicians' date=' I'd better leave quickly and quietly [laugh





Not so fast, buckaroo! You gotta hang here for at least a year, meet some good peeps, post some very interesting articles including sound clips that show us you're the bestest bassist to come down the pike since JPJ, impress folks with your charming personality, share some valuable information and be a generally nice guy.



THEN you can leave. :-


Welcome to the forum, farmer61, hope you won't mind a little baggin' on your way in the door. We don't want a buncha wussies in here, don'cha know. [biggrin]

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