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Any Pianists in the house?


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Ok, I have been play piano for six or seven months now. I played a little bit with Jesse's Led Zep Tribute band and a lot with my Christian band. I can play melody really good with my left hand and bass with right.


I have a nice Kustom 88 electric piano, very similar to a Rhodes with out the tines. I play it through it through a Acoustic 260 guitar amp.


Does any body have some tips or advice to become a better piano player?


Any thoughts for better piano tone

(Bright, Volume, Bass, Treble, Variamp, Fuzz, Reverb, Tremolo)



Thanks Guys.

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Can you read sheet music? If so, get the Hanon exercises and work through them. That'll help your technique to no end.


Also I'd recommend getting a good classical teacher and start taking lessons.

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