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Firebird 12string back from "the shop"


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With the secret help from a very dear friend

and a respectful favor I did for the shop owner,

my '66 (built in '65) Firebird 12 played her first gig

in over a year.

The sound of vintage minis & 44 year old mahogany is

simply freakin' amazing.

Although I'm sure I'll use that shop again,

it will probably be one of the other guitars.


Yep, that's the last time my firebird's going to the pawn shop!


Joy joy Happy happy ![biggrin]

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I'll do my best to get some pix up.

In the meantime, it's in my avatar pix.

Bought her from the first owner in '68.

Has the slide switch cut-out w/ the toggle at the forward screw hole.

Serial 511---.


So far within this forum, I believe we've located about 12 to date.

(Vintage guitars this forum)


Pix soon.


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I sure hope the photo comes through.

I'm not at all savvy with this pix/site stuff.

BentonC, The B.B. sig was done backstage early 80s in Salem, MA.

We were scheduled to back him up but wound up just hanging with him.

Oringo, Thanks & yes, she sounds & plays absolutely incredible-especially in the trio!

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Guest BentonC

Awesome! I bet that thing sings. That is definitely a model we should bring back.


Thanks for the pic. Just out of curiosity, what guage strings do you use on it?

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I'm setting up with a friend who's good with a digital.

I'll try to post and/or e-mail good detail photos soon,

battle scars (I played her many years as a 6string) and all.

Strings are D'Addario 12string super light EXL150 which are .010-.046.

Pots are 1053 500k AT 13765.

Body routing for 3 HBs as I understand all of these were.

Under the pickguard is a circle with 26E inside.

Bought initially (1st owner) in 66 at E.U. Wurlitzer in Boston.

Guild heads put on by EUW.


BentonC, You're absolutely correct about re-issueing this guitar but do you

still make that ES12string neck? (The thinnest & smallest neck I've ever played!)


Thanks all for the interest, porn photos soon to follow.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Benton C, as I was looking through the shipping numbers there were only 7 ES 12 strings

shipped in '65. (The same neck used for the bird).

There has been much discussion around here with many interpretations (& misinterpretations)

of the actual shipped numbers of the Firebird 12 string.

You couldn't be any closer to the source, can you shed some light for all of us.

As best I remember (previous posts/topics) there only seems to be 12 or 15 known of.


Anything you may be able to do/direct will be appreciated.


Thanks, Vin

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Sorry to hear about your Dad.

If/when you get to photos it would be great to share them here.

We'll soon need Oringo and the others to update our "unofficial registry".

In the meantime I'll look back in earlier topics, one of us started the list.

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