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Hellos . Opinions on White finishes. New LP Studio buyer.


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I am not professional or even good at guitar playing, but I am about to make the leap to a new Les Paul Studio. (Its all lots fun just to play with others even if all you know are a few chords. heehee


I would love some opinions on white color finishes, on the LP Studio Mahogany Japan Exclusive Vs a stock Alpine White. When I first saw the guitar on the gibson page, I fell in love with the LP Studio Mahogany Japan Exclusive, due to its Satin White finish. I think they describe it as a Worn Satin White finish.


Only problems, are, that I have not physically seen the Japan L.E. to actually visualze the shade of the Satin White compared to the Alpine White you can get here in the states. . Not to mention, I have to look in Japan for the limited run, because I don't think even Gibson special sells the L.E's to anywhere but Japan. They are on the market there, and can be imported. I'm not worried about minor price differences, because I feel color and quality trumps price.


I just wonder how pretty the Satin White finish really is, compared to Alpine. I know for interior house paint, as my walls inside my house are done in Satin White, but there are literally many shades.




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In my opinion, if you need it to be white, go for the stock Alpine.


White looks fantastic when new, but when it start to fade and get the common yellow tinge, its a very different story. If you are starting off with a thinner faded finish, I would be very concerned on how it will age.


You also should think about the tone. The Alpine has the Maple top and the other has a Mahogany top. All Mahogany results inn a slightly darker / thicker sound. Its not that one is better than the other in terms of tone, just they are different, so I would highly recommend you try both before you buy.


If you can`t find one of the Japan versions to test, you could try the standard Worn Brown / Cherry, but as they have different pickups (BB Pro`s v 490/498), would not be exact.


I have a Worn Brown and LP Standard and love them both. Good luck and hope you find what you are looking for.

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In my opinion' date=' if you need it to be white, go for the stock Alpine.





I love white guitars and I think the gloss white finishes are best. They do yellow with age but they look great as they age as well.


The only thing that you have to watch is if you leave a white guitar in contact with a stand or a cheap case where the dye is not fixed colour will leech into the finish and cause areas of discolouration which you can't do much about.

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