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Hey guys...

Nice to be here.

I just bought a Les Paul Standard. Amazing guitar to say the least.

While inspecting it closer last night, I noticed that where the neck joins the body, there is some

rather sloppy work done while applying the nitro on either side of the neck. Its bumpy, and looks terrible.

I dont know how that slipped by quality control?...Perhaps its a factory second? I hope not, I paid top

dollar for the guitar.

Anyone else had that problem?

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Yep! Common problem. I have had it on both customs and standards. Another place is where the nut joins the headstock...... Not nice when you pay big money for these guitars.


Alot of extra polishing makes it les obvious....





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What you are seeing is some orange peel in the lacquer. That is just the way, that nitro dries. The area around the neck / body joint and the headstock are the hardest for them to buff out. If the used a different lacquer with more plasticizers it might be so bad a problem, but then they would be getting further away from their original manufacturing techniques. So it is not a QC problem per se, if they buffed it more and left areas where they had gone through the lacquer, people would complain about it. If they put on thicker coats, people would complain that they are deadening the tone with finish.

It varies from guitar to guitar, as each person doing the buffing has a slightly different touch and level of skill. Consider it to be part of the human factor that went into your guitar. It shows you that a real person, not a machine (or chemicals such as levellers) buffed your finish. They could hand buff the area, but that would take a lot longer and increase the price, so it is a trade off no matter what.

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Hi I just bought a limited edition les paul and thats got a few issues that chewed me up for a while. The binding has a lip right around the body,1mm at the back , the back pickup is marked and a few other little bits. The guitar plays and looks great so hey ho. I spoke to the shop were I got the guitar and told them but they said even if they got another it would have another set of problems,I felt a bit fobd of but I got such a good deal and he is a nice guy I didnt want to make a big deal of it. The next les paul I buy will be gone over with a fine tooth comb. You live and learn just keep rockin.

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I went back to Long & Mcquade this morning. ( Canadas biggest music shop )

I told the manager, and he said to check out the ones hanging on the racks...Sure enough, they all had blemishes.

Some worse then others. Its just the nature of the beast.


You fellas have been great!


Raptor...Nice to have a fellow Canuck on board. [-X

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