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Looking for info on a Epiphone EP-SC28?


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These were solid state amps epi came out with.. oh.. maybe 10 12 years ago was the first I saw them..

they were not pricey, and got some compliments for what they were.

sc28.. was that two tens? about forty watts?

could be bigger.. I've forgotten the model numbers on them.

But overall even the biggest were like.. three hundred bucks.

so you can go by number of speakers, size of speakers, watts..

but used price.. hard to say!



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I think those were like 229.00 new.. right in there. I can remember them pretty well because MF had them and I got flyers from epiphone about them, too.

Almost bought one, in fact.

I think the two 8" model was 30 watts...reverb for sure..I think some models had other effects.. even yours may have chorus built in.

People I talked to who didn't hate solid state outright, said they weren't bad at all.


What's it worth.. well that's hard to say. discontinued, probably not the very most expensive components in the first place..

you have to cut the price in half due to age and use. even if it looks pristine.

and if you take any more off, that's up to the person who can see and hear it..

everything work? no hum.. hiss, etc..


If it's been well taken care of, and not cranked to the max a lot.. probably it will last a good long time.

Myself. I'd offer 50.00 and see what happens.


I bet you could stick a VJ head in there and gut the solid state parts.. *s* that'd be nice!



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Just recently bought one, I've been impressed with it so far. I'm playing a '52 Tele through it, and they go together perfectly. The chorus effect rivals that of many pedals, although the distortion leaves a lot to be desired. If you want twang, get it.

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