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Stock Epi pickups on a LP


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Anyone removed their covers before? I've done my bridge PU today' date=' and found it was full of wax. Must say I was quite surprised. Anyone got any good tips for getting rid tho? [/quote'] Getting rid of the wax ??? or the cover ??? ...or the pup ??? I don't know how successful one might be in de-waxing a wax-potted pup.... I suppose it's possible....

Good luck (and no wax is a trade-off....remember, it's there for a purpose- whether it's purpose suits your needs or not is up to you and only you...)

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Matter of fact I just pulled a cover off my old '57 (Dot n/b,Lp n)and it was real easy.

The solder can be cut through with the tip of a paring knife, then around the edges you'll trim a little wax away then slowly try to 'rock' the cap off until you're able to finally nudge it off.

I found mine coated in what looked/felt/smelt just like 'Jelly Cap Wax' or the old boxes of 'Esso' wax my grandmother had in her cupboard to save for capping her fresh made jars of jelly.

easy to trim away from all of the sides and carefully around the top.

(taking the top wax off by light elements of heat to dissipate the wax to melt, then be able to basically wipe it off.)

What I found cool was the look of the gold post screws inside the black plastic (this was a gold covered pickup)

and the pickup itself is entirely Duncan clone material.

Who makes these is anyones guess but the things look like Asian versions of a Very Popular design.

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Actually I've found that you can wedge a thin screwdriver under the cover's edge and just 'pop' the solder joint... no need to use a soldering iron or a dremel. I usually put the uncovered pickup on some paper towels to catch the drippings then heat 'em with a hair dryer and wipe off the melted wax with more paper towels.

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