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Hard case Build Quality?


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Hi Folks


Curious to know if anyone else has experienced problems with the quality of the catches on your hard cases?


I bought a Jack Casady Bass a few weeks ago, which I adore, along with the matching hard case but already 3 of the catches have fallen off! simply through opening and closing the lid!!


The build quality seems really poor, for the price.



I'm hoping the dealer will swap it.



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Well, it's now 6 weeks since I returned the case and I'm still waiting for a replacement!


Thomann inform that they've ordered a new case from their supplier.

I can only assume that they've ordered it from Epiphone in the U.S with it taking so long. ](*,)

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After a further email today, I've discovered that the supplier are expecting the case in at the end of August!!!!!!!!


They've offered me a credit note, not a refund. So I've now got to find an alternative case. :)

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talk about standing behind your products #-o

Sorry your having such a bad time over a simple case..

I don`t like or use molded cases ,one made from plastic .there ok for the guitar to a point .

if you do an outside gig ,i`ve seen cases that have warped,and that`s just for starters heatbuilds in cases like them

just like killing your guitar by leaving it in the car during the summer with the windows rolled up.seen many guitars

wiped out cracks ,warped,pick guards lifting off ,the list can go on ...New players are the worst for doing this..

summers coming lots of outdoors things to do ,ya festibles ,to many times i`ve seen guitars in cases in the sun..

i wonder what some think with,yup it`s in the case so it`s protected ?

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I'm pretty fed up with the whole thing. Can't believe that they can't supply a case before the end of August.


What's really annoying is that since I've asked for a refund, they've gone quiet. I've had no replies!!


I'm thinking about getting one of these.


Flightcase Warehouse


Just hoping my Bass won't rattle about in it!

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Cheers Dude!


Having spoken to the people at Flightcase Warehouse I can get a case custom built for approx £150 ($300)


More than I wanted to pay but it will be more robust than the original one I had and should last forever.

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Credit note??????!!!!!! That id total BS.


They have sold you defective goods, you are legally entitled to your money back.


I would get back onto them and ask for your money.


Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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Well, I got my custom case.


It's like a bunker - bomb proof!

It weighs an absolute ton and is a B***h to squeeze into the car.


It certainly doesn't look as nice as the Epiphone case, so I may end up buying another when Gibson/Epiphone have sorted out their U.K distribution after all!!

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OK I actually managed to source what is probably THE last NEW Epiphone Explorer bass case in Australia. According to most places I've tried this case has been discontinued.,After emailing over 40 music shops, one did show up gathering dust out the back of a shop in QLD. It is now on its way to me,total cost Aus$200. Seems a bit steep but I guess there aint much demand for these cases.



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