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Ep Valve Jr Head and Cabinet

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I swapped mine out. I felt it was too bassy for the head I modded.


Now, I have the head further modded and that included some low end work that helped a lot, so I have to wonder if I screwed up.

Right out of the box it needs broken in. some say 50 hours or so.



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SHEIK -- Our tube upgrade is now the same. The tone improvement is right on, yes?! Mine breaks up at nicely at 1-2 with my Les Paul vol./tone full on either humbucker (I usually leave them up because I like the full tone depth you hear when humbuckers are full on.) Two finer points:


Loudness -- In your other thread you mention how loud Jr. is (everyone agrees). You can buy a THD hotplate for $300+ but with the low watt Jr. THERE IS A MUCH BETTER/CHEAPER ALTERNATIVE --- the TUBE CUBE ("vspeeds" on ebay). They range $60-150. Bruce plays Jrs. and gladly answers tough questions for you.


Speakers -- I'm now using mostlyan Eminence 12" Cannabis Rex and Peavey 12" Blue Marvel 2x12 with the Jr and LP setup. I also use the Rex alone and it is the swap choice I would recommend for terrific vintage blues/rock -- if you even need to swap out the Eminence Lady Luck that is already in the cab. You really won't know for sure until it is BROKEN IN. (I hated my Peavey until I had played it LOUDLY for 30+ hours!) Go figure..., it's just the nature of any good loudspeaker. Hope this helps.


Me, I'm going to play on...:-

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