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Guitar Dater Question

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I tried to research some of the old threads regarding the Guitar Dater...

A while back JerryMac had posted all the initials for the different plants...

I = Saein Plant, Korea



I plugged in my numbers beginning with I...etc...

Info was

Your guitar was made in 2006

Saein plant Korea/China...


Question is: So is it Korea or China? why the slash in between?




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Yeah, I wonder if it was manufactured in Korea...and then sent to China for final assembly, or

vica versa, or totally subcontracted from China, to Korea...or vica versa? Kinda like the Sheratons were,

when they needed the JLH version or the "Assembled in USA" models. Bodies and necks made in Japan,

and assembled and painted (Nitro) in USA. Who knows?!!



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