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ok..when did Epi make a Tele clone?


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Well I'll be damned! Guess that is what I get for not being on the forum much lately. To busy trying to get moved from Orlando back up Pensacola way. I hate that drive!

Coming home today I look and see a back seat of a car come bouncing end over end between 2 semis (about 3 foot in the air) ...not where to go and lucky I caught it on the way down side of the bounce and just run over it! Other wise I would have lost a windshield or worse.


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They were called T-310s and they disappeared from the line around 2000. Plywood body (although the earlier ones, like the one in that ad, probably had solid alder bodies), weird headstock (Explorer style then 'batwing' at the end)... Squier does it better.



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I own an eighties Epi S800 (I think) with a similar headstock.

I can't really make out the top of the headstock on the photo. (Maybe because I'm a little colour blind.)

But I think mine is even more pointy.

Here it is.





I was told when I bought it in or around 1987 that Epi had to change this design because of copyright (I guess) issues (with I think the man said Carvin). They changed it to a more rounded off style (which I never really liked). I checked the Carvin site the other day and they now use a similarly rounded headstock as this Epi Tele has.

Funny thing designing guitars...

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