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Elite replacement tailpiece does not fit


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I have a black Elite LP Custom with gold hardware.

I'm in the process of modding it.

I want to change the hardware from gold to chrome. (among other things)

I purchased a ToneTail, (I was considering the top wrap method) a Gotoh aluminum TP, and finally

a Gotoh zinc TP. All do not fit the TonePros locking studs that I also added.

For that matter, I also tried all 3 TPs with the original gold studs and they don't fit.

Sizing them up against the original gold TP, I can see the slight difference that prevents a proper fit.

(I didn't take a picture of that.)

Does anyone know where I can purchase a TP that will fit my Elite

Or, does anyone have a chrome Epi TP they'd like to sell?







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how do I add attachments? I have a shot of the TP not fitting with the Tonepros studs. Can I add to this post?


Hi, Fred and welcome to the forum. Most of us use Photobucket to host our photos - just post the img tag (copied from Photobucket). And the posts are edit-able and delete-able, too.

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Methinks you purchased USA-sized parts, which fit Gibsons but not Epiphones, which are metric. Other members, better versed than I on this subject, will probably point you to more specifics and vendors.

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Going from gold to chrome seems like a step backward to me' date=' personally.

But if you have parts left over, I'm interested in taking the old gold harware off your hands.[/quote']


I'm selling all the gold parts from here,



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AFAIK, the Elite/Elitist guitars use parts with imperial dimensions whereas the Korean/Chinese Epis use metric-dimensioned parts. Gibson parts will fit Elite/Elitists, but the Koran/Chinese stuff won't; for example, the tailpiece post spacing is about 1/16" wider on the latter.

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In a fit of desperation, I removed the strings from my Korean non-Elite LP and tried it's chrome TP on the Elite.

Well, it fit perfectly. And also, the gold TP from the Elite fit the Korean LP. I see what you mean about the 1/16" difference.

But, in both cases each TP swapped back and forth to each gtr. had a nice snug fit.

Seeing that made me even more confused.

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