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Pickups upgrade advices


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Guys, i'm a newbie here.

I would like to upgrade the pickups in my Les Paul Black Beauty 3.

Currently it is running on stock pus, 2 57 classic and 1 Hot classic plus for bridge.

i wanna change to the jb/jazz combo, with a phat cat (all seymour duncan) in the middle.

also i wanna use pickups that have gold covers.


what about gfs pickups? is it good?

i found out that gfs also makes p-90s with full humbucker size.

it's cheaper, but is the sound comparable or better then the SD set i've been talking about?

I play all sorts of music, jazz, blues, pop, rock and shred, but i don't play metal anymore these days.

my fear is the gfs might do well on a certain kind of music only, coz i know the SD is versatile.

please help, and give your personal thought don't make war.

What about dimarzios?

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the gold seems to give the bling bling to the guitar.

Changing pickups coz i wanted pickups that have 4 conductors so i can split and put each single coil in parallel. Putting p-90 coz i just don't know what to do with the middle pickup.

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The GFS mean 90 is has more of a tight bass end and a little less high end, but the same bite as a phat cat or real P-90. I put it in the bridge for maximum rock and blues bite.

The GFS vintage 59 is about identical to the SD 59 in performance, from what I've experienced. I put it in the neck for a nice chunky bass for rhythm and some lead.

I have this set in my upgraded dot, and I can do everything from blues to old rock n' roll to jazz to punk to pop punk.

If you want something hotter in the bridge, I'm not sure how well it would bled with the other pups, but I know the rockfield fat *** is great for defined solos for hard rock and metal, the mafia is more of a metal rhythm pickup, and the select custom wound you can do just about anything with if you're creative. I'd also recommend new pots, maybe a push-pull split for the humbuckers, nice versatility there.


Also, what's your amplifier?

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Throw the '57+ from the bridge to the neck.

(It's hot enough !@ 13.8k to match any good pickup set...believe that)

Get the

Duncan Distortion Set 'Mayhem' = SH-6 pair...

(SH-6b Bridge, SH-6n Mid)

Push Pull the SH-6 pair but leave the '57 neck stock,


so, there is a bit of a less expensive way to go.

This is the set-up I have on my SGC and I stand by this combo.

It Smokes.

Sorry for the crap photo's!



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Duncan Distortion Set 'Mayhem' = SH-6/SH-2 pair...


Uhm...the 'Mayhem' set consists of 2x SH-6 Distortion humbuckers. You may be confused with the 'Hotrod'-set which has a SH-4/SH-2 combination?

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