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Looky what I found - LE G400 with Maestro at MF for $450! SORRY - false alarm


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I was on MF and they are now selling G400s with Maestros for $450.




I know I love mine, it's tempting to pick up another, but I'm broke.




I just called MF - it IS NOT available. It was a mistake. I can't delete this or I would - sorry. I just got excited when I saw it.

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Available: Discontinued


probably won't be available...MF's inventory system occasionally shows items from the past....a few months ago, many

left hand models suddenly showed up...all were long since gone and not available...

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They've cut alot of the G-400s WAY down.


600 down to 300.


Well, that's always been a deal.


Down from 400 to 300.


I was thinking of buying a vintage G-400 and modding it... But that EMG havin' for 300...

That's like a 100 dollar guitar.

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I think they may be having some website issues today. I also saw Epi LP Classic Plus scratch&dent for $288, but when I called, they had none. Don't even have any in New condition, which they list for $450. I hate when they do that to me; not the first time I got excited and was trying to jump on a LP that looked to be a great deal, only to find out that they have none.

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