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Have you played the MB D500 P? Tell me about it.

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Dang, you mean no one's answered you yet???!!!

I have twiddled around a few times on one in a store that now has 2 in stock.

I was surprised by how deep it sounds, for a maple guitar. Still has that punchy high end characteristic of maple at its best, but it carries plenty of bottom, too. If you like the sound of a maple-bodied guitar (and not everyone does), this is a good one. Quite balanced.

Of course, there is also the question of appearance of a maple guitar. I ususally love the appearance of maple, but that light-colored body IMO doesn't look quite as good in the satin finish as it would with the usual lacquer ala a J200, but it's still nice.

Playability much like any of the other DR Masterbilts.

I almost bought a jumbo maple Parkwood that didn't sound as good--nowhere near as deep and rich.

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Played one before I bought my DR500M.


Sounds the most like a Gibson to me of all the Masterbuilts. It has the full range of the Dove that the Epiphone Dove just can't do. Same as the post above nice maple highs but clear full bodied lows also.


May get rid of my DR500M at some point for a 500P as it duplicates my better acoustics and the only tone wood I'm missing now is maple in my collection.

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