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Buying, help!


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Hello.. Well I am going to buy myself an epiphone G400 next month and I need to know what I should think about before buying one. And when I finally get it what should i think about then ? haha.. Because last time I bought myself an electric guitar i totally screw up.. Need all information I can get , please! I'm a noob :P

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Some things to think about before you buy:

Do you have a case for it? Do you want one? Where will you keep it? In a case or on a stand? Is there room for a stand? Do you have a decent amp? (It's a nice guitar, but if you're going to play through a cheap amp, then it won't sound as good as it could) Do you have the right strap? SGs neckdive, and a wide leather stap can help work against this. A lot of people invest in strap locks due to the unique placement of the stap button.


Some things to think about after you get it:

First, it's worth it to get it professionally set up. Practice a lot. Learn chords, scales; learn songs, create your own songs, play with others, use books, use free websites and immerse yourself in the guitar.

And most important....HAVE FUN!!!!!!

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