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Epi valve junior at max with ply wood kramer!

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Just kranked up my epi full blast whilst wife at the shops!


The little epi amp is amazing and what i cant believe is that it sounds a hell of a lot better played with my Kramer Striker st100 all ply wood! At may you get a real great distortion thats great for 80's rock and even gives a good van halen sound. With my epi LP it sounds good but seems a bit muddy and not as sharp.


At lower volumes the lp is best as it has bags of tone where the kramer seems to lack!


My lp sounds so much better through my vox tho??? =;


Do you think it could be the pick ups?


The LP are still the standards (LP Std plus top 2007 model)

The kramer has a quad rail in the bridge.

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One thing you should try is setting your humbucks a bit lower.. if they are too close, they muddy up a bit.. and I say, esp. with

the vj.

For my money, that's a characteristic of epi pups in general.. I put in Kent Armstrongs..

humbuck bridge and p90 neck. epi lp studio, and I'm waaay happier.


single coils, having lower output, really sing through these things.. while the high output humbucks I've tried seem to push too hard..

or something.. and I say or something because contradictorily.. the vj loves a pedal in front.

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Twang, I agree 100% about the single coils. My tele sounds fantastic thru the vj. The "muddines" that others have problems with seem to help round out the tele "icepick in the ear" syndrome. And the Boss EQ is there to help with the fine tuning of tone.

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Ok cool might lower the pick up and see how that helps. The quad rail is actually a higher ohms pickup at about 13.


Hey not complaining just wondered why my cheap project rocks out in full blast distortion and the LP doesnt quite make the grade.


If i was to use my Boss DS-1 in front of the valve junior it would be so loud it would sound kack. Down at lower volumes i can imagine its not to bad.


Anyone run a chorus pedal through a epi valve junior? Love the guns and roses sounds. I migh invest in a multi effects pedal rather than buying small ndividual ones (i know there not always as good but im looking for home gear to practice so aint gotta be perfect)


Any advice on pedals use guys use would be good





Wah? (really want one of these)


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1. Measure your pots. If they're not very close to 500k, replace them.

2. Lower pups, as noted.

3. Some pups are just plain junk that sound like mush.


As for pedals, I personally consider the prosumer digital devices' effects to be harsh and thin to the point of being utterly unusable. Compared to analog, they're just not even playing the same game. Toys compared to tools.


BUT, some people like them, obviously, even though I cannot recommend them myself. This is merely MY opinion, and since tone perception is entirely subjective, YMMV, of course.


Reverb - nearly useless for live applications, imo, but an analog, spring tank device is best.

Chorus - anything analog will sound better than digital...fatter, more organic, more natural, more rich. Same goes for flangers.

Delay - there HAVE been advances in eq with regard to digital delays that actually have made some sound very similar to analog. That said, the Panasonic BBD chips are now being manufactured again, so they're no longer exhorbitantly expensive, and analog delays are no longer sky high.

Wah - Buy a broken crybaby for $20 or so, order a PCB from generalguitargadgets.com or buildyourownclone.com, buy the 500 mh inductor of your choice, a DPDT footswitch (for true bypass), and make your own. Or, spend $130 with buildyourownclone for a complete kit.

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