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More headroom


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I have a combo, version 2. I have done the following mods


Changed the speaker to a Weber

Replaced R1 with 1M

Replaced R2 with 68k

Replaced R6 with 100k

Replaced R7 with 100k

Replaced c1 with Mallroy 150s (tried Oranage Drops but didn't like the sound)

Replaced c2 with Mallroy 150s

Added a Hammond OT



At this point I like the clean sound of the amp but it breaks up a little too early. Any suggestions on getting some more clean headroom from this amp.


And would adding a cab help. Since I replaced the OT with a Hammond, I can add a speaker output to drive a 12 inch cab.



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You can run two speakers even without the hammond.. 16 ohm into 8 ohm tap.. 8 ohm into 4 ohm tap.. you have to have a 16 and an 8

ohm speaker to do that.

Sounds better with the hammond.


one of the most common complaints is that five watts isn't so loud, clean.


you can get a higher sensitivity speaker.. that will increase your clean headroom.

100db or higher will be noticeably louder than the, probably, 90db or so you get out of the stock eminence 8" speaker.


smaller speakers have lower sensitivity.


you can drive any size correct ohm speaker, hammond or not. cone size wont matter unless you try to push a 15 or 18" speaker.


If you've got some friends with different size cabinets.. two twelves.. two tens.. etc.. just plug them into the head.. disconnecting the

internal 8" speaker. and see how you like them.


you can only plug two speakers into the two taps as described above.




any higher db sensitivity speaker will give you more clean headroom.

you can use two taps coming off the amp, but only if you have one 8 and one 16 ohm and do it as above.

two speakers can be used from one amp tap, so long as you know they are correct ohmage for that tap.

*series or parallel wiring can change your ohms from 8 to 16, total..ask if you don't know how that works*


I tried two twelves.. but what I really liked best was the 8" stock speaker and a 12" beneath it, using the two amp output jack



C5 to 1000uF

and C6 to 100uF

may both help. the C5 swap will stiffen it up a bit.. the C6 swap will give help it stop farting out when you slam a big chord, and reduce noise a bit, too.

I usually put C9 up to 47uF, it can also go to 100uF.

C5 can go all the way up to 2200uF.


In the end, it really is a high gain amp IF you're talking about jam or gig volume.. the cleans are nice, but they aren't loud.


I'm trying a 6V6 tube in one now.. which is modded fender style.. and that tube can give a bit more clean, but it's an octal, so there

are major changes getting that done.


Installing an NFB switch can also help a bit.. largely it gives you more 'on the dial, but I think it can also increase the cleans just a tad overall.

Could be wishful thinking.

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